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`PR`Rocky's Canadian Gypsy

2007 Hunting Season

A little about us & our plotts!

We are located in Southern Ontario.  We currently own a male and 2 females, 'PR' Hillsboro Duke, 'PR' Rockies Canadian Gypsy, and 'PR' Sanderson's Hold Up Pearl. 

All the pups from our our past litter have been sold.  Thank you for all who have shown interest in our plotts.  Although we have had a lot of very positive feedback from racoon hunters, coyote hunters, and bear hunters about the way these pups hunt, as well as being extremely pleased ourselves with the female we kept from the first litter, we have not yet decided when we will have another litter.  We will update our website as soon as we make a decision.  Thank you again for all the inquiries.

'PR' Sanderson's Hold Up Pearl, 'PR' Hillsboro Duke & `PR`Rocky's Canadian Gypsy

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